MountainView Strengthens Risk Analytics Team with Two Hires


Denver (Nov. 21, 2016) – MountainView Capital Holdings, an advisor to the financial services industry, has hired David Bennett and Michael Riley for Managing Director positions on the firm’s Risk Analytics team. Messrs. Riley and Bennett filled new roles focused on expanding the range and quality of services that MountainView currently delivers to its customers.

Bennett joined MountainView from Compass Analytics, where he was Managing Director and responsible for hedging pipeline risks for mortgage originators, building out custom client settings within CompassPoint™ and developing new products and models for the mortgage servicing rights asset. He previously served as MSR Manager at Fifth Third Bank and was responsible for model maintenance, portfolio management, and valuation.

Riley joined MountainView from W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, where he held Senior Vice President and Vice President positions on the Capital Markets team. He previously was Vice President of MSR Valuation and Pipeline Hedging at Aurora Loan Services and Director of MSR Hedging at Taylor, Bean & Whitaker.

Within the Risk Analytics team, Riley and Bennett will work closely with other leaders and analysts to support client relationships, enhance analyses, produce additional research, and foster new business opportunities. Both Riley and Bennett will also work with MountainView’s senior management team in continuing to expand the depth and range of risk management and analytics services that MountainView currently provides its customers.

“As we continue to expand the breadth of our analytics and risk management solutions, Mike and Dave bring unique skillsets and experiences which will help us continue to provide best-in-class service to our customers,” said MountainView CEO Michael Morgan. “Mike and Dave both possess a firsthand understanding of risk management objectives and will assist our customers in better navigating the ongoing market volatility.”


About MountainView’s Risk Analytics Team

The Risk Analytics team at MountainView Capital Holdings has a platform of risk management solutions used by a diverse client base within the financial services industry. The solutions include valuation of Level 2 and 3 fixed income assets, interest rate risk analysis, stress testing analysis and advisory, mortgage rate model development and implementation, attribution model implementation, prepayment and credit analysis and model implementation and calibration, fair value versus economic and market value return analysis, transaction advisory and benchmarking analysis, risk management program development and consulting, strip security benchmarking analysis, excess strip securitization analysis, and mortgage enterprise profitability analysis.


About MountainView Capital Holdings

Denver-based MountainView Capital Holdings, an advisor to the financial services industry, helps clients with an array of challenges they face in managing their balance sheets and investment portfolios. The firm’s solution areas include transaction advisory, interest rate and credit risk, valuation and pricing, model risk, and mergers and acquisitions. MountainView currently serves more than 600 clients, including banks, credit unions, government entities, hedge funds, insurance companies, marketplace lending platforms, mortgage banks, mortgage servicers, pension funds, private-equity firms, and real estate investment trusts. Visit to learn more about the firm’s solutions and credentials.


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