$979 Million Servicing Portfolio Offered through MountainView


Denver (April 30, 2015) – MountainView Servicing Group, a leading provider of residential mortgage servicing rights sales and valuation advisory services, is advising on the sale of a Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae MSR portfolio with approximately $979 million of unpaid principal balance. Bids for the portfolio are due on May 4.

Quality features of the portfolio include 93 percent fixed rate and 99.9 percent first lien product, a weighted average original FICO score of 740, a weighted average original loan-to-value ratio of 72 percent and a weighted average interest rate of 4.11 percent. The portfolio also has low delinquencies.

Eighty-two percent of the portfolio’s loans are in California, and another 3.8 percent are in Oregon. The average loan size is $255,796.

MountainView Servicing Group also has a $202 million portfolio of Fannie Mae MSRs in the market. Bids for this portfolio are due on May 7.


About MountainView Servicing Group

MountainView Servicing Group, a subsidiary of MountainView Capital Holdings, has been a residential mortgage servicing rights sales and valuation advisor since 1989. Today, the company is the #1 provider of MSR valuations, with 1,442 marks in 2014 for approximately 250 clients, including eight of the top 10 holders of MSRs.* In addition, the company is typically the #1 or #2 MSR sales advisor (based on annual number of deals), and it advised on 44 MSR portfolio sales involving $43.5 billion of UPB during 2014.

*Based on rankings from Top 100 Mortgage Servicers, 1Q14, Inside Mortgage Finance, March 19, 2015


About MountainView Capital Holdings

For more than 25 years, Denver-based MountainView Capital Holdings has been focusing on the capital markets and financial advisory needs of the financial services industry while specializing in residential mortgage and fixed income assets. With expertise in sales and trading, analytics and asset management, MountainView is uniquely qualified to create value for clients in all market conditions, and the firm is continually building on a longstanding commitment to offer a broad range of services.


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