MountainView Servicing Group has been a residential mortgage servicing rights transaction advisor since 1989. Leveraging its MSR valuation leadership role and strong reputation in the marketplace, the company typically is the residential mortgage industry's #1 or #2 MSR transaction advisor, based on number of bulk deals. In 2016, we marketed and received bids on 27 bulk deals involving $52 billion of unpaid principal balance.


Comprehensive Transaction Services

  • Provide product and market intelligence that enables better advice on “when and how to go to market” and on where to set the target sales price, resulting in more realistic seller and buyer expectations and greater certainty of execution
  • Make creative and rigorous sales selections
  • Prepare each seller for all possible sales scenarios, which means working up the transaction economics for a range of market bid levels
  • Prepare and distribute the offering, the loan-level data and the additional marketing data as required
  • Offer complete validation for the target sales price in marketing calls with prospective bidders
  • Have the ability to quickly re-price portfolios in the final stages of marketing efforts and trade negotiations
  • Possess a complete understanding of the servicing P&S negotiations “market,” enabling negotiation of seller-friendly terms
  • Help in protecting sellers from unwarranted re-pricing by buyers
  • Anticipate and assist in resolving issues that occur up to and through the sale and transfer of the portfolio

Unique Expertise

  • Can address new considerations in the current transaction market, including but not limited to, bifurcation of origination rep, financing, a non-traditional servicer as a capital source, and a variable bid structure (we have expertise in profiling the asset)
  • Offer analytics and transaction market expertise as well as longstanding client relationships, and this combination provides enhanced marketing capabilities and enables discovery of specialized demand
  • Possess re-pricing capabilities that are more important when transaction timelines extend or when trades are negotiated
  • Have expertise around all cash flows
  • Understand how delinquent and credit-sensitive MSRs are valued and traded
  • Can assess impact of accounting and regulatory issues
  • Leverage MountainView’s platform resources to deliver legal, transaction management, and operational assistance