Since 2009, MountainView Risk Advisors has been helping clients identify, understand and effectively address the risks to revenue generated by residential mortgage servicing rights. Our success in this mission is the result of focusing exclusively on the MSR asset, having superior analytics, providing customized services, and being affiliated with MountainView Servicing Group, the leading MSR valuation advisor.

Exclusive Focus

  • Solely focused on risk management for residential MSRs
  • Keenly aware of all developments affecting the value of MSRs

Superior Analytics and Customized Services

  • Extensive analytic offerings, delivered with detailed explanation
  • Robust library of research
  • Deliverables customized through a hands-on approach

Ongoing Risk Analytics Packages

  • In-depth risk methodologies analysis for both static and OAS valuation
  • Enhanced prepayment and default reporting
  • Interest-only strip security benchmarking analysis
  • MSR market risk survey (for select clients)
  • MSR pricing index
  • MSR financial forecasting
  • Daily MSR market updates

One-Time Projects

  • MSR program policy drafting and documentation
  • Valuation and prepayment model validation and back testing
  • Prepayment analysis and model calibration
  • Mortgage rate model development and implementation
  • OAS valuation and profiling implementation
  • Static valuation scenario analysis
  • Excess strip securitization analysis
  • Attribution model implementation
  • MSR transaction risk analysis
  • MSR economic return analysis